Neck Pain Relief System

The Neck Pain Checklist Take a look at this checklist. If you tick yes to one or more of these areas, then The Neck Pain Relief System is for you!

3 COMMON CAUSES OF NECK PAIN (That are so commonly missed)

  • 1. Tight Pecs and Biceps 

The pecs and biceps muscles can pull the shoulder forward. This forward position is very irritating to your neck.  

To find out if pecs and or biceps are the cause of your neck pain, then try the stretch in this video. If you feel a stretch in your arms or your chest, then you can tick this as one cause of your neck pain.  

Note: There is also a very important chest-muscle called serratus anterior (know as the boxer’s muscle). It can irritate the neck a lot. You need an osteopath to treat this particular muscle, if your pain persists. 

  • 2. Weak Deep Neck Muscles

The deep muscles at the front of the neck have a very important job. They stabilize you neck. This leaves the big muscles at the side and back of your neck free to do the job of moving your neck.  

If the deep neck muscles become weak, or lazy, then the poor big muscles get confused. How can they stabilize and move at the same time? They cant! So they hurt.  

Check out this video on “neck sit ups”. You should be able to do 12 easily. If you struggle, then this is one cause of your neck pain. Do this exercise to get improvement.  

Note: There are small muscles called the hyoid muscles (involved in swallowing). These can cause severe pain, and need expert treatment by an osteopath. Book an appointment if your neck pain persists.

  • 3. First Rib Stuck Upwards

The 1st rib is much higher than most people think it is. The back of it is actually higher than your collarbone. The neck muscles (Scalene muscles) attach to the 1st rib. If that rib gets stuck, then the neck muscles hurt. It is that simple.  

Look in the mirror front on. Take a deep breath in and out. Does one shoulder move up more than the other? That means that your 1st rib is stuck. So check out the “punch the ceiling exercise”. This can help to get the stuck rib moving again. However, sometimes the rib is so stuck, that it needs expert treatment from an osteopath to get it moving again. The relief is instant and long-lasting.

Other Causes of Neck Pain There are many other causes of neck pain. Most of them can be resolved quickly and easily, when an expert osteopath has diagnosed and treated the real issue. If you would like to get moving comfortably, and feeling younger again, then call 1300 696 783 or book online. 

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You have neck pain, and it seems to keep coming back. Sometimes the pain is made worse by sitting at a computer, at other times it comes on with stress, and then there are times when it seems to come for no reason at all. You have had enough of your neck pain, and you have decided to do something about it. You might even have tried some treatments, which seemed to only help for a day or two. Well help is here at last. 1. Use the checklist to work out which area that is causing your neck pain… Remember, it might be more than one area. 2. Then watch the video to show you how to make it better. 3. Do the exercise in the video every day for 5 days, and notice how much better your neck feels. Then share the good new on Facebook, to encourage more people to find the relief that they have been looking for You may also need some treatment to move things along faster, or to address particularly stubborn neck pain. We are here for you, and we are experts at getting you lasting relief.

When you visit ReachHealth you get… • Expert diagnosis and treatment • A clear expectation of how long it will take to recover (much sooner than you thought possible) • Simple to follow guidelines • A written report that tells you what is going on for you personally

When you don’t visit ReachHealth… • Your pain continues • You could be told scary, but irrelevant things about the cause of your pain. This is outdated NONSENSE, that may be well meaning, but is not helping your case. • You get difficult, time-consuming exercises. • A lack of certainty.  

So, if these exercises have helped to reduce your pain that is great. Please share those results on Facebook, and tag some friends.  

Stubborn cases will need some extra help from a professional osteopath. So call or book online so that we can help you personally.

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